Business Growth Course Series

What is it?
A six part series of half-day workshops aimed at helping business owners and entrepreneurs create profitable growth for their companies. Typically limited to 20 course participants.

“The time invested in the Business Growth class was invaluable and gave me the opportunity for Andy’s help in having me look at my business and see the value that my company creates in the marketplace.”
~ Gary Davis, Aetna Plastics.

Series Topics

  • You And Your Company’s Best And Highest Use
  • Defining Your Target Markets
  • Defining Your Target Market’s Buying Process
  • Building Your Growth Plan
  • Presenting And Implementing Your Growth Plan I
  • Presenting And Implementing Your Growth Plan II

Series Description
Your key to success as a business owner is realizing your firm’s Best and Highest Use® (BHU). When you truly grasp that your firm’s success is an outgrowth of your passion, conviction and drive, you will discover the power of that position.

Leveraging your BHU empowers you to grow your firm to the next level. If you’re stale, you’ll fail. Recharge your BHU with internationally recognized growth strategist, Andy Birol, and raise your business from maintaining survival to attaining profitable growth.

“The course produced a tangible result in that I now have a strategy to grow the firm over the next 3-5 years.”
~ Gerry Cowden, Cowden & Humphrey.

This course is designed to help small business owners:

  • Define their firm’s Best and Highest Use® (BHU).
  • Create a snapshot of how their firm’s systems, structure, staff, processes and compensation currently deliver firm’s BHU. 
  • Assure their firm’s BHU is aligned with the value their marketplace pays for. 
  • Discuss the pain their company resolves and opportunity their company creates for your clients.
  • Compare and contrast three sales funnels: finding, keeping, growing.
  • Identify how to invest wisely for profitable growth.
  • Discuss how to ensure success with theirr company’s BHU by aligning strategy with people and processes with clients.
  • Create SMART goals that create buy-in with their employees and support team.

“The Business Course made me reevaluate my sales approach. Andy made it really clear and exciting to me that I had to re-approach my business and put all my energy into it.”
~ Gunner Puhl, Hydrosol System, Inc.

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