The BGC Growth Assessment

"Andy Birol's Growth Assessment Survey is a comprehensive and analytical look at a business model. More importantly, his process digs beyond the numbers to uncover true change catalysts. The results of the assessment identify exactly where and when a business needs to act in order to get better - better operations, better growth, better profits."  ~ Azim Nakhooda Chief Investment Officer / Principal Cedar Brook Financial Partners, LLC

You have two options for the BGC Growth Assessment:

BGC Growth Assessment

  1. Free* 15 question 5-minute BGC QuickSurvey
  2. Full comprehensive $500 BGC Growth Assessment. (Compared to other assessments costing $1,000’s!)
  3. View BGC Growth Assessment Short Overview Video 


"A well conceived tool for validating that differing constituents within a firm are aligned to grow to the next level." ~ Pat Beck, President/CEO, Cone Instruments, Inc.

Free* Introductory Offer: BBC® Quicksurvey
The free* introductory BGC QuickSurvey includes 15 question assessment and a customized mini-report, and is a sample of the comprehensive survey

*This free offer is limited to company owners running $1+ million dollar businesses OR employing at least ten people. Companies that have less than $1 million dollars and less than ten employees will receive their scores but not the free mini-report.

Comprehensive Special $500 Offer
For those wanting a more detailed analysis and comparison now, invest $500 and 20 minutes and take the full comprehensive survey. You’ll see how your company compares to others similar to yours based on thousands of respondents to these research-based questions. For $500, you’ll receive a full report, a sixty-minute analysis of your results and insights from business growth expert Andy Birol.

See sample full report.

"I took Andy’s Best and Highest Use Assessment to understand and confirm the challenges that stand in the way of Jamestown Coatings' growth. The BGC Growth Assessment fully revealed the four ingredients of growing my company. The findings were clear and analytical and I will use them to help increase our sales. I fully recommend the BGC Growth Assessment from Birol Growth Consulting to any owner who wants to understand why their firm is performing as it is, and what strengths and weaknesses to address to move it forward.” ~ Michael Walton, CEO, Jamestown Coatings

BGC Growth Assessment comes with a 100% money back guarantee.
If you are not satisfied after completing the sixty-minute analysis with Andy, your $500 investment will be fully refunded no questions asked.

To Start Your Comprehensive Special BHU® Growth Assessment.

  1. Register and pay for the full comprehensive BGC® Growth Assessment.
    (Select BGC Assessment & Review from drop down box & enter payment information.)
  2. Once payment confirmed. Andy will email you a link to the full assessment. Complete the full assessment.
  3. Once completed and your results compiled, Andy will contact you to schedule your hour-long executive debrief analysis of your results.
  4. Together, you will review your results and gain Andy’s expert insights based on his interpretation of your assessment and his in depth questions to better understand your unique situation

Bonus: You can apply your investment toward any other of Andy Birol’s service within the next 12 months. Want more information? Contact Andy directly at 412.973.2080 or complete the form below:

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