Refining & Exploiting
Your Best and Highest Use®

Passionate people want to run businesses and people who run businesses start with passion. Too often, however, their fire flickers into a thousand little daily fires that they have to extinguish. To put it simply, all company’s customer service, marketing and sales revolve around three basic goals: finding, keeping and growing customers. If it doesn’t help a business move forward, they don’t need it. There is no secret code and not short cut.

When business owners truly grasp that their firm’s success is an outgrowth of their passion, conviction and drive, they will discover the power of that position. In its purest form, Best and Highest Use® (BHU) is the point of convergence between what an entrepreneur loves to do and does well, and what customers want or need, and will pay to get. Deepening their conviction, they can discover or recover how their particular passions and talents translate into unique solutions for their customers. The beauty of BHU is that it allows business owners to clarify their goals and simplify their decisions. BHU is their guide to the actions they must take to create profitable growth.


Achieving your Best and Highest Use®Achieving your Best and Highest Use®
Best and Highest Use® is when you look at your company and its impact on your customers. Is it still helping resolve their pain, achieve their opportunities, and succeed as much as it used to? Or despite continuing to deliver more and more are your customers paying you less and less? (Watch Video...)


Who Is This Workshop For?
Business owners, entrepreneurs, business mangers and advisors who want to grow their companies in a more consistent, efficient manner.

Workshop Length

  • Sixty- and ninety-minute keynotes and breakouts
  • Three-hour seminar

In this seminar, attendees will:

  • Distinguish who they are and what they do well
  • Compare and contrast relationship, transaction and business models
  • Discuss how their particular passions and talents can translate to customers
  • Identify the conviction-to-customer connection
  • Pinpoint ways to pursue what they love
  • Articulate and apply their Best and Highest Use®

“Andy’s presentation was informative, compelling and practical. His Rock and Roll references really connected with the entrepreneurs in our membership.”
Ken Zacharias, Director of Industry Affairs, National Paint & Coating Association

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