Of Shock and Awe, Embedded Reporting, and Targets of Opportunity

By Andrew J. Birol, President, Birol Growth Consulting, Inc.

As I write this, the inevitable is unfolding and we are all overdosing on CNN. With all the warning we had, it still seems unthinkable it has come to this. Clearly, in the coming days, the wary and its impact on our business lives, will unfold in new and unexpected ways. So far here are a few observations on what it means to me as a business owner.

  • While my support for my country, our brave soldiers, and my anger toward Iraq is absolute, I am uncertain on every other part of what is transpiring. Many constituents in my business sphere, the U.S., and throughout the world feel different kinds of pain and strong emotions. Even I am going to choose my words extra carefully.
  • As the first bomb fell on Baghdad, the stock market rose 300 points during a 20-minute, testosterone-driven buying frenzy. Look to the stock market for a snapshot of American business’ mindset at any given moment. Then ignore it.
  • Whether the war ends soon or not, the consequences of an American presence in the Middle East will have dramatic business implications for years to come. As someone who has lived and done business in the region, I urge everyone to learn more about the Middle East. It is a wonderful place. There will be great opportunities and perils for years to come.
  • The onslaught of battlefront video, satellite imagery, and battlefield animation are too close for comfort. My heart breaks for the widows and orphans who know they are not watching a reality TV show. Even the honest displays of features, credibility, and evidence has its limits.

My personal goal is to stay focused and pursue opportunities.

I play to stay focused by:

  • Getting my work done while keeping reasonably up to date with the news.
  • Listening to and taking care of my loved ones including my partners, customers, and vendors.
  • Supporting our troops as they are there for us.
  • Understanding and respecting the complex feelings that this war will cause in all of us.

I plan to pursue opportunities by:

  • Selling while others are not.
  • Delivering value while others are distracted.
  • Communicating while others are self-absorbed.
  • Buying while no one else is.
  • Staying flexible and keeping my eyes open.

In Chinese, the word for change and opportunity is the same for a reason.

If my thoughts are of value to you, I am flattered, if not, please pardon my venting. Nevertheless, do forgive me if my writings are obsolete by the time you read this. And may you and your loved ones all over the world remain safe.

With hope and best wishes for peace.

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