Putting Public Relations to Work for Your Business

Recently, Kathryn Landers of Felber & Felber Marketing interviewed me on public relations and how knowledge businesses can best plan, use and profit from PR

Andy, how do you define public relations?

To me, PR is the promotion of one’s expertise and value through non-advertising traditional and electronic media and editorial outlets. When your “smarts” are independently and objectively published by third parties, so your audiences can read and see your value endorsed by others; that is effective PR. The best PR usually includes examples of how your clients have benefited from your value.

Andy, how do you look at PR?

I think of PR as falling into three categories: Reactive, Active and Proactive

  • Reactive PR consists of responding to preexisting stories and inquiries from reporters who need experts. Websites like www.prleads.com and responding to other’s blogs is a very low-commitment way to demonstrate your expertise
  • Active PR is using the wire services like www.prnewswire.com or www.expertclick.com to circulate press releases on your firm’s progress or value. They work best when there is a direct “hook” between your news, a current trend/event and your unique spin on it.
  • Proactive PR involves creating both the content and the venue to broadcast it. Your own blog is a great way to start as I have on www.birolsblog.com. Traditional, Internet and satellite media tours, speaking at trade shows and press conferences and “dog and pony” all work if you have the right story to tell.

Andy, what advice would you give to a business owner just beginning to use PR??

  • First determine your firm’s Best and Highest Use.
  • Second, define who is your target audience, and third what information they will value.
  • Then determine which media and editorial resources they watch and read.
The final step is to continuously create valuable, unique information that provokes your target audience to contact you for more. So you need to become disciplined and regularly:
  • Develop content in the form of articles, write papers and ideas
  • Create and use case studies, results statements, testimonials showing how others have benefited through content
  • Any time you can involve your clients in the PR effort it is much better. Reporters, and conferences just love it when a client stands beside you and talks about your value and how it helped them

What do you think of business owners hiring PR firms?

Writing and self promotion doesn’t come naturally to many owners so there is a trade off of doing it yourself or hiring specialists like my firm of Felber & Felber Marketing.

  • In my case, I develop the content myself.
  • Together we decide how much reactive, active, proactive PR I need to get my messages seen and heard.
  • Finally, I turn over the execution of proactive, active, reactive PR to Felber & Felber Marketing to efficiently deliver my message to the media.
How each business owner should implement their PR is a function of their Best and Highest Use, time, budget and personal preferences

PR is the most efficient marketing any business can do. When established third parties are publishing your expertise you earn a great payback on your investment of time and money. Start with your inherent value and figure out who needs learn about it and where they are. Then go tell the world. You will be glad you did!


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