Introducing the EXPERT Industry: You Can Deal With It!

By Andrew J. Birol, President, Birol Growth Consulting, Inc.

Over the last year, the promises of many futurists have finally come true. The knowledge industry is expanding, new professional alliances are displacing many traditional organizations and technology is making formerly proprietary information more available to those who can really use it.

Some quick examples:

  • Customer knowledge will make or break distributors of all types. From Amway to, power is shifting and fortunes are being made and lost.
  • Relationships and how people form alliances are changing. Traditional business organizations, like Kiwanis and Rotary are working hard to maintain membership levels while magazines like Fast Company and sites like are soaring.
  • Technologies like search engines, information portals, and online directories are making research free to all.

Defining the EXPERT Industry

Individually, none of these trends are new, but collectively, they are redefining how all business can be done. As more and more suppliers and buyers realize this, a new industry will emerge. I call it Entrepreneurs eXchanging and Providing Expertise through Relationships and Technology or the EXPERT Industry for short.

From the supplier side: if an individual has valuable expertise, a network of relationships and can leverage technology, he or she can quickly and profitably offer and deliver this service to a specific marketplace.

On the buyer side: if organizations accept that their conventional wisdom is insufficient, traditional relationships cannot deliver adequate resources, and technology can replace proximity, more workers, skills and resources will be at their disposal.

Barriers To Exploiting The EXPERT Industry

There are two barriers to exploiting the EXPERT Industry and achieving your business or professional objectives. These are our ingrained needs for control and structure.

In the EXPERT Industry, both buyers and sellers should accept that traditional measurements of control change. Information, time and power are shared in order to meet objectives. For example, companies turning to experts should purchase deliverables, not hours. This allows both sides to leverage knowledge and time to get results. Similarly, subject matter experts need to realize that controlling their content is less critical than understanding how to apply their knowledge in the context of their client’s needs.

Traditional structures are dissolving in the new EXPERT Industry. Finder’s fees and subcontracting relationships will be less prevalent than the free exchange of leads and the pursuit of informal short-term alliances.

In the coming months, stay tuned to read more about this exciting new world. And I hope to see you doing business in the EXPERT Industry! You can deal with it!

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