Company Conundrum #2 & Andys Antidote
Your Decisions Hurt Your Profits

By Andrew J. Birol, President, Birol Growth Consulting, Inc.

Your decisions are keeping your customers from paying you more.

Do you as a small-business owner have the confidence to say “I’m better. I’m different and here’s why.” Or do you have a sense of inferiority and uncertainty about your company? You need to develop the poise to ask your customers to make a greater investment with you, and then assure them that their returns will be meaningfully higher than if they go to the competition.

Put your ego behind your greed and focus on profits not activity. Understand the implications of decisions, their impact on people and ultimately their impact on your profits. You’ve got to make sure that your decisions are based on real facts, current information and your bottom line—not emotions or even old data. Remember that pricing is fundamentally a measure of your confidence as a business owner and its the only validation of the value you provide to your market. If you cant price your products high enough to run a legitimate business, youve either got to grow your confidence, change your products so you are providing that value, or get out of the business.

Successful companies provide real products and services to real customers for real money. They resolve real problems that create real opportunities. They fully understand and get the best out of their customers, employees and vendors. They face reality instead of making excuses or living in denial.

Do you need help from a business growth expert on specific issues related to
  • Quantifying the value your customers derive from using your products or services
  • Increasing your confidence about your product and services so you can ask your customers to pay more
  • Identifying all the costs directly and indirectly related to providing your product and services and accounting for it in their price
  • Knowing if and when you should hire an accountant or business manager who can uncover your direct materials and labor costs and help you forecast their overhead
  • Identifying the real products and services your customers want and need
If you answered yes to any of the above statements, it’s time to seek an expert’s advice about your company.

Birol’s Growth Consulting offers a range of services to help you propel your business to the next level and cure inferiority complex you have about your business. Andy Birol uses his business growth acumen to help you identify ways to price your product and services instead of worrying about undercutting the competition or using the common lowest denominator in the marketplace.

Andy’s consulting projects will:
  • Help you determine your best and highest use to ensure that it meets the identified needs of your target prospects
  • Identify which jobs to delegate
  • Discover specific promotion strategies so that your employees want to help you increase bottom line growth
  • Identify the three primary employee functions that help you increase the bottom line
  • Discover when and how to outsource or hire employees.
Andy’s personalized consulting is perfect for you if:
  • You need an expert’s advice for you company and you need it now.
  • You are unwilling to continue at your current pace and feel as if your attention is divided into too many areas of your company and therefore everything is suffering.
  • You are looking for the quickest way to relieve the pressure of serving in too many positions and spinning your wheels
Andy’s personalized consulting is not the right fit for you if:

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