Company Conundrum #1 & Andys Antidote
You Are Wearing Too Many Hats

By Andrew J. Birol, President, Birol Growth Consulting, Inc.

You find yourself in competing jobs as president, CEO and chief sales person and therefore have difficulty staying objective.

Don’t blame yourself! As a business owner, you are the heart and soul of your company but you can’t do everything or be everywhere at once. Running a business often turns into competing jobs so why not just focus on your strengths, which jobs you can effectively handle, and those jobs you should and can delegate?

Part of your responsibility as owner is to find great people and get them to invest their passion in your company. This can be done through contagious commitment. Whether we’re talking about employees, contractors, suppliers, distributors or consultants, the truth is that your company’s success depends in large part on your ability to form relationships with people who love your company less than you do.

Do you need help from a business growth expert on specific issues related to
  • identifying your strengths
  • which job-related tasks to delegate
  • how to demonstrate contagious commitment to your employees and to increase growth
  • identifying which employees actually contribute to growing your top line and profits
  • identifying whether you should outsource or hire employees
If you answered yes to any of the above statements, it’s time to seek an expert’s advice about your company.

Birol’s Growth Consulting offers a range of services to help you propel your business to the next level and cure the CEO dis-ease of trying to do and be everything in your company. Andy Birol uses his business growth acumen to help you identify ways to propel your business to the next level and alleviate some of the pressure of trying to be all and do all.

Andy’s consulting projects will:
  • Help you determine your best and highest use to ensure that it meets the identified needs of your target prospects
  • Identify which jobs to delegate
  • Discover specific promotion strategies so that your employees want to help you increase bottom line growth
  • Identify the three primary employee functions that help you increase the bottom line
  • Discover when and how to outsource or hire employees.
Andy’s personalized consulting is perfect for you if:
  • You need an expert’s advice for you company and you need it now.
  • You are unwilling to continue at your current pace and feel as if your attention is divided into too many areas of your company and therefore everything is suffering.
  • You are looking for the quickest way to relieve the pressure of serving in too many positions and spinning your wheels
Andy’s personalized consulting is not the right fit for you if:

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