State Your Agenda

By Andrew J. Birol, President, Birol Growth Consulting, Inc.

Dear friends and colleagues,

One of my favorite Gary Larson cartoons depicts an alligator sitting in the defendant's chair in a courtroom. His exasperated lawyer turns to the jury and exclaims, “Of course he killed him in cold blood, he is a reptile!” If only everyone in business had such clear agendas. The time spent dealing with people intent on gaming us though some form of deception is tiresome and wasteful. By owning and working with other small businesses, we have avoided most of the politics that plague big corporations. But it would be naïve to think we are always clear in purpose. Whenever we are selling, leading, buying, or collaborating with others, we are pursuing an agenda. I hope that we are making our agenda clear.

What is your agenda? As a small business owner, yours should be to grow your business ethically and legally by exchanging your best and highest use for a customer's money. If your agenda is different, why?

As I start to reflect on this year, I see whenever I stayed on agenda I grew my business and every time I wandered off course, I squandered my time, energy, and money.

Therefore, now I will reconcile my agenda with that of my clients' and ask that you do the same for you and yours.

I run a one man consulting and coaching business that helps owners grow their business by growing their best and highest use®. I write, record, and present my expertise to prove I serve my market's needs. I know every owner-entrepreneur is a unique individual focused on success. My success rests on helping them do likewise. Regardless of their individuality, owners stand on one of three steps:

Survival. Owners first fear failure or deception, particularly if it makes them miss a payroll, threatens their independence, or ultimately results in their having to work for someone else.

  1. Confidence and Success. Once an owner overcomes apprehension with confidence and success, their next focus is on increasing their company's wealth by pursuing new opportunities to sell more to customers and prospects.
  2. Legacy. After achieving ongoing success, owners can turn their attention to creating their legacy, first as a successful business owner and thereafter as a creator of greater social good.

When I respect the step my client is standing on, I help him or her the most. And the more I have walked in their shoes, the more credibility and success I have enjoyed. Unlike most corporate managers, entrepreneurs respect and respond to the success, eccentricity, and risk taking of their vendors who also own their businesses. It has been a journey, but now as an experienced business owner, I understand why we get along so well with each other. Business owners best understand my needs, so I buy as much as I can from them.

2003 was a year for me to clarify and focus my agenda in the face of continued chaos and opportunity. I hope you are equally clear with yours.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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