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Small businesses face unique challenges in marketing their services with limited resources and less visibility. Here’s how Birol Growth Consulting helped a database marketing company develop a strategy to successfully market its products and services.

Sandra Szuch, President of Inside Prospects, was facing a challenge common to many small businesses: no marketing focus and limited resources. Szuch knew that the key to successful growth of her company was building awareness in the Cleveland, Akron and Canton areas. But without a clear plan for promoting her business, Szuch had no strategy to guide her sales or marketing efforts.

Inside Prospects hired Andy Birol, President of Birol Growth Consulting. Andy, a business development expert, helps companies determine the best ways to find, keep, and grow more customers. The PACER Process (a Process of Acquiring Customers and Enhancing Retention) targets a company’s prospects and moves them through the steps of becoming long-term customers. "Andy did an analysis of where the company was, where we wanted it to go and how we were going to get there," Szuch states. "He learned all about the company and was able to objectively guide me. He let me know when my goals were unrealistic and listened to what I wanted to achieve. He gave me wonderful ideas for a marketing campaign and encouraged me to get out in public. I've gained a new confidence in working with Andy," Szuch states. "Like many small businesses, Sandy had a great service and a good staff," Andy states. "What they needed was a marketing plan and assistance in implementing it. We assured her that while it would take time to achieve her goals, they were attainable." As a result of working with Birol Growth Consulting, Inside Prospects now has:

  • A clear vision and business growth strategy
  • A lead generation program
  • A team of outside advisors, allowing Szuch to focus on her clients
  • A plan to expand the key services demanded by the company’s most valuable customers
"I wouldn’t be where I am today without Birol Growth Consulting and Andy Birol," Szuch observes. "Our sales have doubled and my phone hasn’t stopped ringing! I highly recommend Andy Birol and Birol Growth Consulting."


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