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FAD Consulting Services, (http://www.fadcs.com) is a sole practitioner firm in the computer and telecommunications field, headed by Frederick A. Dugach and based in Willoughby Hills, Ohio. The company designs and services computer systems to support a company's goal and strategy. Dugach has been in business for 20 years. As he explains it, he had been letting his business run him instead of him running it. He had no identified goals and no written business plan so he was not accountable for his actions for business growth. His strategy consisted of a one-track path from client to client solving needs.

Andy Birol was hired to assess the company's strengths, goals and purpose to determine direction. Dugach needed to focus on defining and branding the company as a business rather than as a side job.

Andy compiled a list of each of Dugach's clients and how they were acquired, what the relationship was, how active they were, and how successful. "It made me rethink all the ways I should be servicing these clients, too." Andy devised several communications plans and counseled the company to create a website. "Andy told me I had to walk the talk. I never saw the need to have one before, but now I'm in the process of making one. He also wrote out his client base to gain new business through referrals. Dugach once used computer technology tools reactively but now he is using them proactively, having learned from Birol that one must use his own products and services to understand them. "You know the old adage about the plumbers pipes leaking? I've started using contact management software to keep better track of my own customer follow up."

Dugach is knee deep in putting a new business plan together. "After reading Andy's article on finding your best and highest use, I thought I had a good handle on where my value was, but I didn't. I needed to call my clients and ask them what I do best to define my company and myself. By refocusing on what it is I do best for my clients, I understand my strengths and can price myself accordingly."

By adopting Birol's techniques, he has been making new contacts and securing new business. But he still struggles with changing old habits of going from project to project without direction. Once completed, the business plan will change that, he believes. "It's about looking ahead instead of looking only in your rear view mirror."


More Case Studies

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