Crawford Design Creates Branded Identity In New Tagline And Verbalizes Service Value

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Alison Crawford, sole proprietor of Crawford Design, was providing much more than graphic design for her clients, but she could not convey those benefits to potential clients. Crawford does not fit the traditional graphic designer term. She was more conceptual, and extended consultative service to a degree that other artists do not. She had difficulty articulating her expertise, and needed help understanding how to differentiate herself from a myriad of production-oriented graphic designers.

"I really control the message and focus the way my clients communicate. But what do I call myself, and how do I define what I do?" she asked Andy Birol.

Andy took Alison through a series of homework assignments. They made list after list: What were her talents? Who were her current clients? What was her best and highest use? What was her purpose statement? What did she enjoy doing? How was she getting the clients she had? What can she do and what can't she do well? She listed how she relaxes in her spare time and what tasks she enjoys doing. He had her list all of her accomplishments. Then he asked her to repeat how people verbalize who she is and what she does.

Andy asked Alison to dialog with him to distinguish the person behind the title. He concluded something surprising to them both. "He said, "You don't really design. You use design as a vehicle to shape the experience you want your customer, client or employee to have.'" Together Andy and Alison devised her tag line: "Solid value, exceptional experiences, simply presented."

Alison has learned her professional identity and value. She is now comfortable verbalizing her talents so people hear it as a benefit and want what she offers. "The term graphic design is so cold. Andy helped me to get people to listen quickly, and then they're right on board. You can be running so far in one direction that you forget where you started. Andy helped me see why and where I started."


More Case Studies

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