Actel Cellular Achieves a 200% Sales Increase with Help From Birol Growth Consulting

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Actel Cellular, an authorized agent for AirTouch Cellular, realized their market was changing from selling to business users, to personal users. Gary Bodnar, Actel's president, realized the need to maximize their sales with a clear focus on their emerging customer.

Bodnar estimated that 50% of new business was attributed to referrals. A balance of inside and outside sales was generating the rest. His competition was GTE Mobil, Ameritech, Sprint and AT&T.

Andy made specific suggestions for Actel to begin implementing immediately including:

  • A simple method for tracking sales contacts and the results of each contact
  • An outbound telemarketing program
  • The development of a sales and marketing process for the organization
  • Pinpointing the revenue, cost, and resulting value of qualified prospects
  • Finally, an approach to segmenting and reaching qualified prospects was developed

Sales were up 200% (50% from inside sales) as a result of finding a different approach to targeting prospective customers. "I heartily endorse the PACER process," states Bodnar. "It’s the best way to develop a relationship with customers. Andy is extraordinarily perceptive. He easily identified issues that needed immediate attention."


More Case Studies

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