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Chad Barr, owner of CB Software Systems, Inc., (http://www.cbsoftware.com) knew he had a good thing going. His company, founded in 1987 as a one-man band, had created a profitable niche in providing technology solutions for distributors. His growing staff thrived in a corporate culture that fostered teamwork and ingenuity. The company was doing well but Barr was determined to take it to the next level. His goal was to turn his business into a global software and Internet company through providing clients with the technology they need to become leaders in their industry. In short, Barr sought to turn CB Software from profitable into powerhouse.

In 1987 Chad Barr began with a dream and a belief that technology could solve the clamoring, and sometimes competing, needs of business. Initially he worked solo as a developer/consultant for companies within a range of industries. By 1991 he had hired programmers and support staff and his company became incorporated. CB Software Systems, Inc. focused its strengths on innovating solutions for the wholesale distribution market and introduced its signature product: a fully-integrated Distribusmart system that addresses the specific needs of the distribution industry, from sales analysis to inventory to order management and more. The product was successful, and the company kept up-to-date by incorporating emerging solutions such as e-commerce and electronic forms into its core software packages. While retaining its focus on the distribution market, CB Software dedicated itself to helping all sorts of companies with their technological concerns, including business software and hardware and Web solutions. By 2002, Chad Barr was concerned with keeping a steady stream of quality prospects flowing in to his company. He was motivated to fill the top of his pipeline, and he wanted to craft ways of engaging prospects and customers in an ongoing dialogue to provoke inquiries that would lead to meetings and then to closed sales. Barr knew that he himself was key to growing the company because of his skills in sales, programming, project management and overall leadership. With so much riding on his shoulders, how could he sharpen his talents and improve efficiency? Where could he find his next best customer? How could he pull everything together and ensure that his company was firing on all chambers? He turned to Andy Birol for answers.

Barr hired Andy to be his business coach and Andy set about teaching him how to work "smart" as well as hard. Andy streamlines processes to make Barr’s efforts more efficient. He helped Barr create ongoing tactics to create a structure that would allow CB Software to grow in a more predictable, systematic way. Andy also:

  • Changed the company’s offer so that first-time buyers wouldn’t have to make an all-or-nothing decision, thus easing the transition for prospects to become customers.
  • Helped Barr productize the company’s services to open new sources or revenue.
  • Recommended Chad redesign the CB Software web site to turn it from an advertising billboard into a center of valuable information.
  • Advised Barr to develop a company newsletter to add value for existing clients, attract prospects and enhance the company’s image.

The grand sum of these efforts? To turn CB Software into the go-to source for a traditional marketplace of distributors as well as tapping to emerging business for entrepreneurs and their needs.

Although it’s been just a few months since he started working with Andy, Chad Barr has seen some key improvements in his company’s performance. "The biggest issue Andy helped me with was getting our newsletter out," said Barr. "We went back and forth about different marketing options, and after brainstorming with Andy I realized that the newsletter made a lot of sense," he noted, calling the launch of the newsletter "a major accomplishment" for CB Software. In fact, Data Bits & Business Bytes (http://www.databits-bytes.com) has become an overnight hit, generating increased Web traffic and leads as well as providing critical information for the company’s clients. Since Barr first met with Andy, his company also has picked up several important new clients and sales have increased. Despite the struggling economy, Barr predicts that "this will turn out to be a very good year" for his company. When asked to give some advice to other entrepreneurs, he urged them to consider the value of business coaching. "There’s no doubt that entrepreneurs will benefit from meeting with Andy," he said with confidence -- but on one condition: "It requires you to come into the relationship with focus and a desire to grow the business." According to Chad Barr, that "prerequisite" and Andy’s help are two cornerstones for a business to "grow to its fullest potential."

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