Case Studies

Andy Develops and Leads Growth Course and Roundtables for 2nd Largest US Chamber

IPMM, Inc. Generates Profitable Top Line Growth with Help from Birol Growth Consulting

Silver Eagle GPX Aims To Soar With New Customer Approach

Vacationland Federal Credit Union Banks On Fresh Branding With BGC

BGC Helps BurnsideAnalytics Chart A Course For Success

Tornado Technologies Gains Momentum And Zeros In On Its Target

BGC Prods Rose Group to Connect Marketers to Results

BGC Advises a Peer Consultant to Get There™

Birol Growth Consulting Helps a Family-Owned Business Prepare for Succession and Penetrate New Market

BGC Helps Kelly Braddy of Heat Process Technology

BGC Inspires Ryan Gerber of V2V Design to Help Clients Turn Their Vision into Visibility

Birol Growth Consulting® Helps Hillary’s Gifts Find Its Best and Highest Use in “Best Intentions™”

BGC Helps Barb Cagley and SCK Set a Direction for Future Growth

BGC Helps Kevin Ralofsky Create an “Industry of Self”

Matiskos Design, Develop and Manage Their Growing Business with Help from BGC

Industrial House Builds on Its E-Success with Help from BGC

CPI Forges New Growth with Help from Andy Birol

EMMCO Focuses on Profitability with Help from Andy Birol

BGC Keeps Helping Easy2 Technologies

BGC Further Helps Garland Floor Deepen Relationships with Contractors

Bassett Sprinkler Learns to Forge Its Own Path with Help from BGC

CB Software Systems, Inc., Generates Leads and Boosts Sales with Help from Birol Growth Consulting

Cervelloni Services Arrives at Success After Focusing With BGC

BGC Helps Wittco Standard Leverage Its Value...and Increase Profits

FlorLine Midwest Matures Its Systems, Message with Guidance from Andy Birol

Felber & Felber Marketing Innovates to Grow with Help from BGC

BGC Helps Ashtabula Rubber Go Global—and Grow Profitably

BGC Helps Breathe New Life into Phoenix Products

Andy Birol Coaches Integrated Precision Systems Through Years of Rapid Growth

Pease & Associates Restructures for Growth with Help from BGC

BGC Helps Wade Dynamics Master the "Business" in Business

BGC Helps Easy2 Technologies Chart a Path to Higher Growth

BGC Helps Garland Floor Orchestrate its Sales and Marketing

Sales Concepts, Inc., Grows Its Sales Training Business with Help from Birol Growth Consulting

The Cyrano Group Launches New Product, Improves Sales With Help From Birol Growth Consulting

Crawford Design Creates Branded Identity In New Tagline And Verbalizes Service Value

FAD Consulting Services Hammers Out A New Business Plan And Connects Personally With Clients Along The Way

Neighborhood Manufacturing Quadruples Outsourcing Opportunities Without Impairing Parent Company Sales

Fulcrum ConsultingWorks, Inc.

ROI Supply's New Business Plan Unveils Focus And Objectives For Finding, Keeping, Growing Customers

Maradyne Corporation Grows Its Business Back To Profitability Despite a Tough Economic Climate

RSA Architects Moves From an Architect-Run Firm and Grows as a Professionally Managed and Operated Organization

Show Time Advertising and Public Relations

WinPro Industries, Inc. Records A 300 Percent Increase In Revenue Through PACER Process

Leadership Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Technology Council

Institute for Entrepeneurial Excellence

SMC Business Councils

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