"Andy Birol provided great theoretical coaching on a variety of business development topics and he has provded invaluable practical advice on ways to increase sales & maximize marketing dollars.  Andy goes out of his way to provide practical coaching and feedback that has helped my business exceed my growth goals.  Many people have a franchise program and are good at spending your money  and making you do a lot of homework that results in self discovery and a certain level of success.  Andy's programs are his own.  You learn from the master how to talk to prospects, address common concerns and questions; respond to outlandish customer demands and requests in a manner that keeps the customer happy and doesn't drain your energy or bank account.  Andy teaches you theory you can apply but he also role plays with you and discuss the real world issues, objections, and responses that will get you hired.  Andy talks about a 10 to 1 ROI when you hire him.  For me he has over-delivered on this promise.  Andy is the best money I've invested in my business. I strongly recommend Andy to anyone who wants to grow their business and achieve their goals."

-- Curtis Greve, Owner
Greve Consulting

"After first meeting Andy in 2008, I engaged Andy's services as Menard's Strategic Growth Consultant in November of 2009.  As his first client in Pittsburgh, I was able to get to know him personally as he and his family relocated to Pittsburgh.  Andy is a tenacious growth consultant whose ability to understand our business, learn what our market really needs and help us implement a breakthrough strategy has been outstanding.  He is remarkable at understanding and pushing us past our comfort zones, not by changing us or what we do, but by leveraging what he calls our Best and Highest Use.  With his help, we restructured our firm around an exciting direction that will help double our firm over the next five years.  Andy's thought leadership creates management commitment and his unflappable style empowers optimism.  He has not only raised our belief in how much more we can grow our business but he is relentless in pushing us to achieve this growth.  Andy is a nationally recognized in his field of small business growth consulting and will bring and entrepreneurial flair and can-do attitude that will help all who work with him to grow their organizations to the next level.
-- Seth Pearlman, President and CEO
DGI-Menard, Inc.

“Due to the present conditions in the environmental industry, Microseeps (MS) was looking for strategies for improving our sales numbers.  Andy Birol of Birol Growth Consulting was referred to us. After working with Andy for only a few weeks, it was evident to us, that improving sales was dependent on obtaining a better understanding of our client's needs and how we can better serve them. There are numerous areas within our business that we have been able to better define; and, in the process, better serve our existing and future client base.  Andy has become a valued advisor/mentor, a key catalyst and a continuing resource for taking MS to a higher level of growth and profitability.”
--Thomas W. Hill, Owner
Microseeps, Inc. Harmar Township, PA

"Andy is an engaging speaker who draws the audience in with a personal rapport and a demonstrated knowledge of his subject matter that conveys the image of a skilled professional."
- Stephen T. Helfrich, CPA, MBA

Smart. Experienced. Unconventional. Provocative. Effective.

In the decade that I have known Andy, he has brought every one of the words above to life in my mind. Andy has a singular focus for his clients. He is dedicated to their growth and their success - even when they may not be sure they are ready to do what has to be done to get there.

Andy has literally worked with hundreds of our members at every stage of growth and has helped them take the next step. I have encountered lots of "small business experts" in my time leading the Council of Smaller Enterprises. Many have theories and ideas. Andy backs his up with experience and results.

As a four time winner of Northeast Ohio's prestigious Weatherhead 100 Award for explosive revenue growth, he not only helps his clients grow their businesses - he has employed his own tactics to grow his own at an award winning rate.

Last year, we engaged Andy to put his ideas to work in anew business growth course for mid-sized companies. Our participants reported results beyond their expectations and each made significant changes to their business as a result of the experience. As a result, we've renewed the course and are working to create another new program with Andy for growth oriented business.

Andy's not about the show - he's about results. If you lead a chamber of commerce or a business organization , I encourage you to consider working with Andy to educate your members, enhance the resources your provide or even grow your own membership. If you are a business owner-and you are ready to be challenged to overcome the excuses and grow your business-I recommend you consider Andy to help you create the profitable top line growth your business needs.

Call me if you'd like more information. But, more importantly, I encourage you to talk candidly with Andy about your challenges. Push him hard on how he can help you and he'll push right back to get you there.

--Steve Millard, President and Executive Director
COSE Council of Smaller Enterprises.

"Andy really helped me look at the structure of my company from a new perspective.  This was the first step of rebuilding my growing company on a firm foundation."

-- Barb Cagley, Owner
SCK Communications
"Andy is by-far Northern Ohio's most creative and consistent growth consultant.  Andy continues to push himself and his clients to new levels of success."

-- Robert Felber, Owner
Felber & Felber Advertising

"I met Andy in January 2006 in Providence RI at a consulting conference; and we shared common consulting ideals.  A year later he telephoned to explain he was coming to Australia and was hoping to share some of his wisdom on Aussie shores.  I hardly ever recommend other consultants to my own cleints.  Too much can go wrong.  But I knew enough about his philosophy to refer Andy to a significant client; and he WOW'd them.  Andy's work with my client actually had them calling me and thanking me, for recommending him to them.  He is a true professional, who has significant knowledge to share."

-- Ric Willmot, Owner
Executive Wisdom Consulting Group

" Andy's unorthodox-yet-straightforward style separates him from the pack. He is insightful, creative and always solutions-oriented.  I've witnessed impressive results on behalf of his clients, many of whose stories have been featured in the pages of our magazines.  He wrote columns for our Cleveland publication for five years, never missing a deadline, and he personally consulted for one of my side ventures as a trusted advisor.  Beyond that, I've been honored to call Andy a close friend for more than a decade and recommend his work to anyone who needs a critical eye and someone who will tell it straight, keeping your best interests first.

-- Dustin Klein, Executive Editor
SBN Publications

" There are a lot of business consultants out there but none like Andy. I hosted a breakfast roundtable of cleints with Andy as speaker.  Everyone was impressed with his "cut to the chase" philosophy that made you take a hard look at yourself without feeling insulted.  If he believes he can help your organization and you are willing to be open to creative ideas then Andy is your guy."

-- David Lang, Associate
Chartwell Group, LLC, Cleveland

"Andy has contributed a couple of guest articles to my site.  I'm extremely selective about the stuff I run on my site, and it's clear that Andy really knows his stuff when it comes to growth strategies for businesses trying to "get over the hump".  He's also been a consummate professional in all my dealings with him."

-- Scott Allen
Entrepreneurs Guide

"I've known Andy for several years, but in the past 2 years I've really come to know and understand Andy and the value that he brings to business owners.  Andy is the real deal when it comes to delivering value and impact to and for his clients.  His Highest and Best Use concept is a simple, yet transformational way to improve your business and personal effectiveness and "profitability."  If you're a business owner and you want to improve your business, then you should hire Andy.  I unequivocally recommend Andy to anyone looking to dramatically improve their personal or professional results."

-- Jeff Nischwitz, Owner
Think Again Business Solutions

"I highly recommend Andy for any business owner who wants a sharply-focused, objective analysis of your business's strengths and experience-backed guidance with its direction.  What I learned from and heard during my Pick Andy's Brain session helped me logically and quickly transform part-time freelance work into a successful marketing communication business."

-- Nikki Evans, Owner
Spotlight Copywriting

"Andy is a true professional and an excellent resource for any person starting or re-inventing their organization.  Andy is a tremendous asset to my business and was very instrumental in helping Strategic Advisors find our niche in the competitive M&A market.

-- Michael Leaventon, Owner
Strategic Advisors, LLC 

"Andy has a brilliant marketing mind  as demonstrated by his books on business growth, business strategy and marketing.  If you want to grow your business, are not afraid of being asked the tough questions and will take action, Andy is the person you need to take your business to a new level."

-- Ron Finklestein, Owner

" Andy Birol is one of the foremost small business growth experts in the United States.  In working together with Andy on several projects I have come to respect his outspoken point of view about what it's actually like to run a small business in the real world -- and more importantly, what it takes to be successful.  These days everybody and his uncle claims to be a small business expert, but few truly are.  Anybody can claim anything. But in the end it's the value you add that determines if you are an expert.  Andy fits into the category of "true" expert.

-- Anita Campbell, CEO
Small Business Trends, LLC

"COSE partnered with Andy in 2009 to begin delivering a high quality program called the COSE Business Growth Course.  This was catered exclusively to business owners, presidents and advisors who were dissatisfied with the status quo and were serious in their commitment to do what is necessary to raise their business to the next level and attain profitable growth. Not only did he raise each participant's awareness level, he ensured that each participant graduated from the course with a complete vision to conquer their Best and Highest Use.  Andy's unique approach and straigt-talking manner resulted in an amazing program.  He is an invaluable small business expert in the area of growth management."

-- Nicole Stika, Education Director
"Andy has helped me in my business more than anyone.  Before we even met, he was completing my thoughts; after we met he began finishing my sentences; and he has prophetic abilities to read into me and my situation with uncanny clarity, brutal honesty, yet genuine care.  I deeply appreciate him as a person, his quick intelligence, and gentle yet consistent encouragement forcing me to address tough questions.  Every business owner needs an Andy...Every company needs to hire Birol Growth Consulting."

-- Frank Griffith, Founder
Griffith Companies

"Non-conventional ideas and a straight-talking manner best describe Andy's approach to an assignment.  I enjoy his willingness to get in your face and make you get honest with yourself!  He is one-of-a-kind and a great teacher, mentor and friend."

-- Mike McCormack
Principal Ownership Advisors

"I inhaled Andy's book a few years ago because I was drwan to how he thinks.  He got inside my head, sparked me to think differently, and helped me envision where I could take my business.  After working a few hours with Andy, I was empowered to implement major changes.  Thank you, Andy, for the inspiration to think bigger and get there."

Connie Dieken, President
onPoint Communcation


" Andy is a client, my business coach, and a great friend.  Andy's wit and knowledge always forces you to think about your business in new and exciting ways that challenges everything you do.  He deals with the tough assessments of your past, present and future business models.  He once told me that what I do with computer systems and technology is an art form.  I will return the compliment by stating that he has the same approach towards improving your profitability.  I would highly recommend Andy to any business owner that would like to grow their business, that is, if you are up to the challenge!" 

--Frederick A. Dugach, President
FAD Consulting Services

" I hired Andy to help me with my business, as well as have worked with several clients prior to, simultaneously with, and/or subsequent to Andy's involvement with them.  Our areas of expertise (growth and operations strategy) are mutually beneficial and those clients have reaped the benefits of both.  I recommend Andy to any company owner serious about doing what it takes to grow his/her company, as long as that commitment includes making changes!.

-- Rebecca Morgan, President
Fulcrum Consulting Works, Inc.

"Andy is someone I can share my successes and defeats with and he will refocus me. He is someone who can give input and vision and focus and get me back on track. He may tick you off at times, but when he leaves, you know he was right.'

--Andy Zahuranec, President
WinPro Industries Inc.
Read the case study

Andy challenged me on every pat, traditional soft response I might have given to his methodological questions. He would not take the obvious answer; he moved me into the uncomfortable, questing, zones. It was hard to quantify my particular benefits. I was uncomfortable being positioned as a product pusher, as a transaction artist when what I wanted to verbalize and present myself as was as an educator, innovator, knowledge resource tapped into by my clients to guide them on what to do and what not to do. I knew I wanted to get there. Andy helped me define myself within my best and highest use: as a person who guides the high net worth business owner and family in pursuit of their goal of wealth accumulation and conservation, but doing so in consequence with why they get up every morning. Now, whenever I talk to people about what I do, they want me every time.

--Peter Calfee, President
Calfee Financial Advisors, Inc.

I heartily endorse the PACER Process. It's the best way to develop a relationship with customers. Andy is extraordinarily perceptive. He easily identified issues that needed immediate attention.

--Gary Bodnar, President
Actel Cellular
Read the case study

Working with Andy Birol and Birol Growth Consulting was a highly-productive experience. Andy brought a process to organizing and completing our business development efforts.

--Jeff Hanson, Acting CEO

Andy continues to be a continual resource for new ideas. I get a good sounding board, and either the advice I need or direction to someone who knows the answer. He helps me avoid wasting time and energy and is very good at helping me find what my company is really good at and focusing on that.

--Mark Bogomolny, President
Landmark Products Corporation

We've been successful, but we needed to move to the next level of sophistication in finding, keeping and growing more customers. Andy brought process, structure, and new analytical thinking to our sales and marketing efforts. We now have better tracking and measurement of our sales and marketing tactics relating to our overall business goals.

--John Finucane, Managing Director

Andy helped us focus on assessing the success of a new product offering in a new market. He provided an independent view of real business problems with a clear focus. He always gave our business top priority.

--John Milgram, President
Aexcel Corporation

Andy's 'can do' attitude and strong follow-through have produced leads exceeding our goals. He produced enormously successful results and brought a well-orchestrated approach to growing our business. Frankly, he surprised everyone with what can be accomplished in business-to-business marketing.

--Seth Harris, Marketing Manager
IBM Corporation

As we prepare to deal with competition in the electric industry, Andy helped us to envision a new way to understand our customers better, what they are worth, and their strategic importance to the company.

--Residential Market Strategy Team
First Energy Corporation

A developer / marketer of telephone-verified databases for Cleveland, Akron, and Canton. Inside Prospects needed an aggressive sales approach. Birol Growth Consulting helped them double their business and create a profitable new service for its existing client base.

Inside Prospects
Read the case study

I wouldn’t be where I am today without Birol Growth Consulting and Andy Birol. Our sales have doubled and my phone hasn’t stopped ringing!

--Sandra Szuch, President
Inside Prospects
Read the case study

An integrator of identification systems for schools, companies, and government, NMS needed to increase customer acquisition. Birol Growth Consulting developed a process for identifying and qualifying prospects. As a result, NMS implemented the system, enjoying a substantial increase in new business.

NewMarket Solutions

Andy has a keen business insight. We've enjoyed a 26% increase in new business due to his recommendations regarding our telemarketing campaign. Thanks to Andy, we've found the single-most successful marketing campaign for new business, accounting for a 48% quarterly increase.

--Jim Butcovic
NewMarket Solutions

A custom manufacturer of high-end machined products, WinPro used the PACER Process to re-focus its business, implementing a successful system of lead generation and networking. As a result, new prospects were identified and sales goals were achieved.

WinPro Industries Inc.
Read the case study

With the help of Andy our business has increased significantly. At his recommendation, we've developed a successful direct mail and telemarketing campaign directed at our target market.

--Andy Zahuranec, President
WinPro Industries Inc.
Read the case study

A custom manufacturer of industrial paints and coatings, Aexcel needed to restructure their business plan.

Aexcel Corporation

Andy convinced us to shut off a costly drain on our results, which has been as critical as looking for new sources of revenue. Currently, he's in the process of developing a new direction and structure for a significant part of the company.

--John Milgram, President
Aexcel Corporation

An organization that provides discounts on freight for trade associations, Association Connections needed to grow to the next level. Birol Growth Consulting provided them with a better system for tracking and measurement of sales.


Since working with Andy, we have instituted specific tracking efforts to justify and control our marketing investments. He has saved us many times his fee and has helped us to spend money more efficiently and effectively in order to grow our business.

--John Finucane, Managing Director

An Internet marketplace that builds on the tradition and fellowship of local business associations, ConnectSpace combines one-to-one business relationships with group buying and selling to help business owners network, sell more, spend less, and grow.


Andy helped build a focused and flexible Internet Business Strategy for ConnectSpace. He applied conventional business experience to a new medium in a most effective manner.

--Jeff Hanson, Acting CEO

We hired Andy Birol to help increase Pease & Associates' marketing activities. As a result of his assessment of our firm and interviews with our clients, Andy helped us to become more focused on growth than ever. Through working with him, I became convinced to restructure my organization, reinforce my infrastructure and drive my staff to meet higher expectations. Most importantly, Andy helped us to recognize our personal objectives and strengths and create a working environment designed to maximize growth. I am more enthusiastic about Pease and Associates than ever.

--Joe Pease, President
Pease & Associates
Read the case study

There are three outcomes when engaging an outside resource.
1). They tell you what you know. You don't need to pay an outsider for that.
2). They will tell you what they know without fully understanding your objective or challenges. Yes you want their insights, but you want to know how they apply to your business, not a generic answer you can get from a book an article in the Wall Street Journal.
3). The third outcome is what we sought and received from Andy Birol.
He took the time to understand our business objective and actions we had previously tried to address it. He then shared examples of what other companies in similar situations did. Then we really got to work discussing the possible solutions. I will tell you there were times we didn't see eye to eye, and those were the conversations that enabled us to accomplish our objective: a systematic business to business selling system for our business.

--Phil Yale, Chief Development Officer
ProForma, Inc.

The problem was, I am a sales person not a marketing person. I had a special need to develop marketing plans and learn how to focus my energy. There has to be a time to talk to someone in confidence, share frustrations. I appreciate Andy’s input, particularly in setting priorities and reminding me of what's important for us to make the sales and what doesn't really matter.

--Michael Cremeans, Vice President
Britton Gallagher and Associates, Inc.

As an owner of a company, of course you think you’re doing everything right, although you may not see the results you’re looking for. We were trying to compete with large national agencies, but now we are focusing on companies with 500 employees and less—the type of client we serve best.

--Tia Ramlow, President
Professional Employment Services

When small companies get consulting they're usually unhappy because it's hard to tie expense to return. But we were very happy with the results. Andy understood that we weren't building a $50 million enterprise. We weren't expecting him to take over the world. He was well focused, satisfying and met our expectations and allowed us to go forward finding new customers in a reasonable fashion.

--Charles Mintz, President
Neighborhood Manufacturing
Read the case study

The term graphic design is so cold. I really control the message and focus the way my clients communicate. But what do I call myself, and how do I define what I do? Andy helped me to create a tagline and get people to listen quickly, and then theyre right on board. You can be running so far in one direction that you forget where you started. Andy helped me see why and where I started.

--Alison Crawford, Sole Proprietor
Crawford Design
Read the case study

Andy helped narrow our problems into three or four issues and prioritized them. We hired someone whose insight helped us clarify understanding, to prioritize, to go for different options. I wasn't asking him to solve our problems. I asked him to identify them, which is what he accomplished quite successfully.

--John Turk, President / CEO
Western Management, Inc.

I consider Andy to be my mentor. When I was doing something badly, he came down hard but when I was doing well, he was full of praise. I’m very confident that he can help me in the future. Andy taught me that a much more simple business planning was more effective for me than a 20 page business plan.

--Fred Elabed, President
ROI Supply
Read the case study

After reading Andy’s article on finding your best and highest use, I thought I had a good handle on where my value was, but I didn’t. I needed to call my clients and ask them what I do best to define my company and myself. By refocusing on what it is I do best for my clients I understand my strengths and can price myself accordingly. It’s about looking ahead instead of looking only in your rear view mirror.

--Frederick A. Dugach, President
FAD Consulting Services
Read the case study

William Welsh is president of William E. Welsh and Associates, and part owner of Steel Products Corp. of Akron, Ohio, a job shop for machining fabricated and cast large parts. He was seeking someone to guide his marketing drive, in particular addressing customer retention. As a job shop for machining fabricated and cast large parts, Steel Products needed to become more visible, attract new customers and price themselves more competitively. Andy Birol crystallized a Customer Retention Plan for the company by researching and determining why customers did business with them rather than the competition.

Steel Products Corp.

We discovered that we get customers initially by pricing competitively to get our foot in the door. But customers continue do business with us by customer service - delivery, quality, value-added knowledge and advice as an extension of the customer's manufacturing -- all of which can save them money. Andy used a funnel approach to show us how to get customers through price and keep them through spreading the news about their value added services.

--William E. Welsh, President
Steel Products Corp.

Crawford Design is a graphic design business now focusing on creating experiences for clients, employees and customers.

Crawford Design
Read the case study

Andy helped me to get people to listen quickly, and then they’re right on board. You can be running so far in one direction that you forget where you started. Andy helped me see why and where I started.

--Alison Crawford, President
Crawford Design
Read the case study

Diamond Tool and Die is a family owned machine shop with about 20 employees. Eileen Fertal is following in her father’s footsteps in running the business, and wanted to increase the company’s customer contact base and perhaps implement new services-possibly secondary operations – to augment current services. The company’s strength lies in their on-call, flexible service that allows customers immediate access to parts they need to make their own deliveries. Andy Birol is currently interviewing customers and for a customer acquisition plan.

Diamond Tool and Die

When you tend to get busy, communication with customers may not be on a weekly or even monthly contact basis. Andy has enlightened us that we need to do that. New contacts need to be kept abreast as to what we’re all about, too.

--Eileen Fertal, Principal
Diamond Tool and Die

Dustin Klein is the editor of Small Business News, with a circulation of 30,000. Klein had been looking for executive quality professionals to share expertise regularly and improve reader loyalty. Impressed with Andy Birol’s business knowledge, he asked Andy to become a regular contributing columnist. The result was an improved product and time saved in finding quality articles.

Small Business News

Working with someone very knowledgeable in his expertise, and with timely input on a regular basis was a big help to us. Andy is a professional’s professional. He is creative in thinking about how to help me reach my audience.

--Dustin Klein, Editor
Small Business News

For 15 years Edjetech has been a coolant recycling service for machine shops, cutting down waste hauling, and coolant cost for customers. Jean Heidenreich, president of the three-employee operation, wanted to grow the company into a million dollar revenue plus using her son as the in-house sales person and a half-dozen outside sales reps. Recently widowed, Jean had pondered even staying in business, and needed objective help in making decisions about where the business was, where it could go and how they could do it. She interviewed two consultants and hired one—Andy Birol—for his marketing and business background and enthusiasm.

Edjetech, Inc.

The intangible benefits of working with Andy were invaluable. We gained focus, efficiency, accountability and better decision-making ability. Our profit went up because Joe was able to find better vendors who gave us better prices. The tightening up Andy helped with gave us a better handle on the business. Andy is fun, very wise, very articulate, enthusiastic, and always looking for ways to help. What he said then is true now, even though I might not have understood it until this point six months later.

--Jean Heidenreich, Owner
Edjetech, Inc.

Crain's Cleveland Business needed an expert to write on the subject of growth for a career advice section. Andy Birol wrote four articles, which netted the magazine its highest number of online hits that year.

Crain’s Cleveland Business

--Chris Thompson, Managing Director
Crain’s Cleveland Business

We hired Andy Birol to serve as an expert witness in evaluating corporate growth issues and in placing a dollar value on work our client had contributed toward a successful acquisition. He was responsive, creative, and every inch a team player. Any was not only able to place a convincing, analytically tight valuation on our client's work, but also did so in a way that was readily understandable to a jury.

--Suzanne DeWalt
Metz, Lewis

Your candid assessment confirmed many things I had already recognized in the back of my head but was simply unwilling to address. Your valuable objectivity and considerable expertise helped cement several objectives that have long needed to be addressed.

--Bonnie J. Hilliard, Owner
Pipeline Media Source

You have to be willing to make hard decisions and take action if you’re going to hire Andy Birol. If you are looking to tear your business down to its basic building blocks and rebuild it with your own best interest and your clients’ in mind, go for it!

--Rebecca Morgan, President
Fulcrum ConsultingWorks, Inc.
Read the case study

Andy interviewed management to assess all roles in the company, traveled with the sales force to understand customer and sales rep strengths and weaknesses—opportunities and threats.

--John Berger, President
Maradyne Corporation
Read the case study

It was a difficult situation due to frustration among employees, but Andy made it clear to all involved that he was there for the good of the overall company, not any group within the company. He was not shy about telling anyone, including the owner John Berger, the ‘straight scoop’.

--Christina Urbank, Director of Sales & Marketing
Maradyne Corporation
Read the case study

I see our firm continue to grow, even in this difficult economy. Moreover, working with Andy has been a personally rewarding experience. In the course of this project he has evolved from being my consultant to my trusted advisor and confidant.

--Rick Siegfried, Owner
RSA Architects
Read the case study

Andy’s value is that he stirs things up. It’s one thing to identify and designate, another to implement. [Andy] is a call to action.

--Scott Moss, Vice President Marketing and Business Development
Read the case study

Andy’s value is that he stirs things up. It’s one thing to identify and designate, another to implement. [Andy] is a call to action.

--Scott Moss, Vice President Marketing and Business Development
Read the case study

Andy challenges you to innovate. He finds creative solutions to any problem.

--Ken Hughes, National Sales Manager
Garland Floors
Read the case study

Andy challenges you to innovate. He finds creative solutions to any problem.

--Ken Hughes, National Sales Manager
Garland Floors
Read the case study

Andy made me think deeply about what I’m best at doing, what I enjoy doing, and what our customers value about us. He helped us move past the status quo into creative possibility thinking.

--Mark Bassett, President
Bassett Sprinkler Protection Inc.
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