Meeting Requirements & Fees

This checklist will help optimize the impact of Andy's presentation.

One Wireless Lavaliere Microphone
A wireless lavaliere is required as Andy moves around the room during his presentation modeling good adult learning techniques.

One Wireless Handheld Microphone
A wireless handheld microphone is also suggested as Andy converses with many attendees during the presentation using their business situations as examples.

LCD Projector
For visual learners and good adult learning styles, Andy uses PowerPoint slides as a supplement to his presentation. He suggests an LCD projector that has a high lumens so the overhead lights will not need to be dimmed.

Room fully lit so that people can take notes and Andy can converse with attendees in different locations through out the room.

A master set of participant materials will be provided for the meeting planner to duplicate at the client’s expense. Please provide one copy, three slides to a page using handout style in PowerPoint, to each participant.

Room Layout
If attendees are seated in rounds, please use crescents so all participants will be facing the stage. If seated theatre style, try for a curved effect as this dramatically enhances the warmth and interaction of the group or use chevron pattern.

Additional Table
Please provide one 6 foot table at the front of the room with water and (2) glasses for Andy. This table will also be used for computer and presentation props.

Meal Functions
If food service is being provided, please have servers hold refilling water, coffee, clearing dishes or other distractions during Andy’s presentation.

Learning Resources
“I wish my mother (boss, spouse, friend, daughter or son) was here to hear what you had to say.” This is a comment we hear often after Andy presents and many participants want to purchase Andy’s recording to reinforce their learning. We have found it beneficial to your group to offer Andy’s books and tapes for purchase after the meeting. Another option is to incorporate his book into the cost of the meeting so every participant receives a copy.

Download PDF - Andy Birol Meeting Requirements


Fees and Requirements

Contact for more information about Andy's fees and travel requirements.

Andy prefers to have a travel-buyout in addition to his normal fee. Then he will handle his own travel arrangements and expenese except for lodging.

Fill out the form below, or call 412.973.2080 to speak with Andy about his presentations and speaking services.

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