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Andy will customize a special event you can sponsor for your peers. For details and to set a date, email Andy at or call him at (412) 973-2080.

Do you belong to a peer group of business owners who would benefit from hearing Andy's message of growth? Fellow business owners, including your customers and suppliers, love being invited to join a small group moderated by a national expert resource sponsored by a peer like you. In the coming year, Andy can give a limited number of business owner's workshops, breakfasts or seminars, and loves doing so when the event is sponsored by owners or leaders who know and value his message. If you feel that your group would be interested, call Andy and he can discuss putting on such an event for your customers, suppliers or peers. Below are sample topics you may find worthwhile or we can customize one that best fits the needs and agenda of your group.

Here are five examples of recent Roundtables Andy has held for small groups of 6-10 CEOs:

  1. The 5 Catalysts of 7 Figure: Growth Propel Your Business to the Next Level.
    Based on his fifth book, published by CareerPress, Andy presents the five key drivers of small business growth. In this interactive workshop, every owner will learn what they can do to enjoy more profitable growth with less effort and risk. The Five Catalysts are:
    1. From Apprehension to Conviction: How an Owner's Mindset Drives the Firm's Growth
    2. The Conviction-to-Customer Connection: Developing Your Best and Highest Use
    3. From First Dates to Diamond Anniversaries: Enhancing Your Sales Funnel to Find, Keep, and Grow Customers
    4. To Market, To Market: Tending Your Systems for Fulfillment and Delivery
    5. Keep On Keepin' On: Repetition and Consistency for Stable Growth

  2. Taking Your Business To The Next Level: Why and How You Can Choose To Grow Your Business.
    As a business owner, do others ask, "What are you going to do next?" Growing a business to the next level is risky and may or may not be right for you given your goals and lifestyle. This interactive workshop will address the questions of why to grow, and if so, how along the following milestones:

    1. The First Day of the Rest of Your Life: Growing from Start-up to $1,000,000
    2. Gaining Traction: Growing from $1 million to $5 million
    3. Tasting Confidence: Growing from $5 million to $20 million
    4. Who Have We Become? Growing from $20 million to $50 million
    5. The Times, They Are A' Changing: Succession and Transition

  3. Get All You Are Worth: Pricing Your Products and Services for Profitability
    No matter how long we have owned our businesses or how many big customers we have closed, why do we still feel a pit in our stomachs when we give a price to a customer? This moment of truth, when all of our marketing and prospecting converge into a single moment, comes down to our prospect's response. This interactive workshop explores the Seven Commandments of Pricing, where owners and sales professionals alike can learn the key steps and tactics to assure that they are in control of their pricing, and are doing so for maximum value and profits.

  4. Discovering and Leveraging Your Best and Highest Use®
    To achieve professional and personal development we are told that if we: "Follow our passion, find our focus, and, have fun," that success will follow. Yet many intelligent and driven owners, consultants, and companies are frustrated with this. How can something so simple be so unobtainable and so hard to execute? This interactive workshop will outline a process and key steps for determining what is your Best and Highest Use? For both individuals and organizations it is when:
    • "Your best" represents your preferred choice amongst the things you do well
    • "Highest" represents that most valued by employers, customers or partners
    • "Use" is the value you provide to others

  5. Growing Your Knowledge-Based Business
    Many of us own or manage professional services firms whose key product is our knowledge. Learning how to harness, leverage, and profit from one's expertise is a life-long undertaking. In this interactive workshop, owners and conceptual sales professionals alike will learn how to succeed in the EXPERT Industry (Entrepreneurs EXchanging Expertise through Relationships and Technology). Participants will learn and share the core building blocks and latest trends in growing their knowledge business for maximum results and profits.

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