How Does Your Ownership Style Impact Your Company's Growth?

Take the BGC Growth Analyzer (in approximately 12 minutes) to learn how you can grow your business based on your ownership style.

The Growth Analyzer will help you to understand why you address your business opportunities and challenges as you do and what you can do to break through to a new level of growth.

So please spend twelve confidential minutes gaining free, personalized insight on your ownership style and how it is impacting your firm's growth. Earn a free book based on your responses and the confidence in learning what steps you can take to grow. What else can you do so simply that can make such a difference so fast?

Directions: Check as many of the characteristics that fit you. When you are done, click the Submit button, and you will be provided with specific articles, case studies and useful services to help you exploit your opportunities, avoid your threats and learn how to maximize Andy Birol's expertise to take your business to the next level.

Your business practices and processes are designed to protect what you have built
You must manage the details to achieve the results
Business is all about the numbers and your results prove it
You see your local community as a major provider of sustenance to your business
There is more downside to upside when it comes to taking risks in your business
If all your organization had the same urgency and commitment as you do the firm would be more successful
Your customers rely on your business to keep doing exactly what you do now
You are family owned and proud of it
The more money and resources you can save in good times the better you will survive the bad times
Business growth is a matter of making more sales calls and working harder than the next guy
Further departures of your good staff, customers or suppliers is likely
There is no business challenge or idea that has not been solved by someone else
You know your products and services are best for your customers and markets even when they don't
Your sales and marketing efforts are defined around industry definitions
I love going to conferences, courses, and things that get me out of the office
Growth is measured in years not months
Working smarter and harder is always the answer
The more service, higher quality and lower pricing you provide the better your business does
Your business is organized around best practices or industry certifications
You have reached a defining point in your business where its status quo is no longer acceptable
Never make an investment you can't pay for out of ready cash
You are the steward of your business and will protect it on your watch 
The customer always comes first and is always right
Business success comes from focus and commitment to survival over many years
The more processes I can instill in my business the more money I will make
You have faith that the sooner your business grows the more profitable it becomes.
Your organization is a great place to work and anyone who doesn’t believe in your mission and values has no place in it
You see that market demand for what you offer remains strong, although your market is finding new alternatives to meet their needs
You strongly weigh the impact on your local community and business rivals in making your business strategy
Your employees have been here a long time and are very good at what they do now
Documentation and tracking create predictability and profits
No one else could understand your business enough to really improve it
Your business may not be growing in profits or size but is not at risk either
Your business is predictable
I am not having fun running my business and am tired of doing so
You run your business the way your parents did and don’t see changing what worked for them
You are a servant to your employees, customers and partners
My business cannot be changed or grown for the better
Morale is bad, turnover is high, and customers are leaving
You encourage your staff to get involved in your community on company time
Your business may be changing but you don't want to change how you run it
My banker, accountant, and lawyers keep nagging me to improve my business
You see too many signs that business as usual will result in lower profits, squeezed margins, and increasing costs
Your positive mental attitude is key to your business
The business you inherited, bought, or now lead is ripe for change

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